The Power of 3: How to keep your relationship solid

A camera tripod has three legs for one reason:  to keep it stable. The power of three works on relationships, too.  Use these three simple tips to keep your important relationships solid and grounded.

1. Say ‘Please’

So often we treat important others as just an extension of ourselves.  You wouldn’t say ‘please’ when you opened a jar of pickles for yourself, would you?  Of course not! 

But, when asking another to do something for you, try inserting the word ‘please’ into your statement. It turns a command into a request, and people are more likely to oblige.

2. Say ‘I’m sorry’

This one is a little more tricky.  First is having to acknowledge that you are wrong.  And that’s hard.

Second is the temptation to say, ‘I’m sorry, but…’ and then add six rationalizations as to why you did what you did.  It may feel better to your ego, but it negates the whole purpose of the apology!

Instead, be try these simple steps:

  • Be specific when you say what you regret
  • Say ‘I’m sorry’ and mean it
  • Ask what you can do to make amends.


3. Say ‘thank you’

Everyone likes a sincere appreciation of something they’ve done.

When we live together with someone, we forget the obvious stuff that goes on behind the scenes:  the onerous job of cleaning the fishtank, getting the part at HomeDepot, cooking a favorite desert, taking out the trash.

Saying thank you shows the other person that you noticed.  And that you appreciate them!

Three simple phrases:  please–I’m sorry–thank you

Making a conscious effort to use these phrases everyday doesn’t take a lot of time or a lot of effort. 

But they can strengthen your relationship and show that important someone that you truly do care!


About Author, Pegasus Quincy Mystery Series

I write a mystery series about a young rookie deputy on her first assignment in the Verde Valley of Arizona.
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