Live simply, but be complex

baby skunk playingThere have been a lot of books (and I’ve read most of them!) having to do with shedding our hectic, frenetic modern life and returning to a more agrarian, simpler life style. I think there is a lot to this, although it’s hard to do.

I know this move to small town, country living has been a real blessing for me. For the first time in decades I have had time to: hike, think, watch the birds and wild critters, eat whole foods (including organic fruit picked from straight from the trees!), exercise on a regular basis, do morning yoga, star gaze, and meditate.

It is a healthier, more natural lifestyle, and I feel complete (almost) and satisfied, much more of the time than not.

But in the midst of this Nirvana, I am mindful of a quote by Thomas More in his book, Original Self. He felt that some folks, in their effort to be present, to be only in the moment, lose the whole point of existence:

“If we take literally the statement that only what is counts, then we have bracketed out life as it presents itself, opting for our fantasy of simple, clarified existence.”

“The idea of dealing only with what is, is very different from facing life with all its contrary emotions, personal history, and complicated relationships. The complex mess of life, unfortunate from a certain point of view, is exactly what is. And so are the anxieties and memories and anticipations. They all exist in the precious present and constitute what is.”

And that, then, is what I am trying to do. Eliminate the negative (TV, mass media), accentuate the positive (sunsets, conversations with my neighbors, good books). I am trying to be present and flexible and curious to what the universe presents next in this wonderful smorgasbord.

Pablo Casals nailed it, when he said, “Resist doing things that have no meaning for life.”

Sounds good to me!



About Author, Pegasus Quincy Mystery Series

I write a mystery series about a young rookie deputy on her first assignment in the Verde Valley of Arizona.
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