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The true cost of reducing holiday stress

It’s almost Halloween, but I started hearing Christmas carols over a month ago.  Retailers are worried in this economic environment and rightly so.  We probably won’t be spending as much on pearls and minks this year. Sigh. But it got … Continue reading

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A good fall project

How many of you have posted GREAT ideas and writing, and no one comes to visit?  I know I have! Chuck Westbrook has an interesting concept he has designed to steer new readers to deserving sites.  It’s been picked up … Continue reading

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Being authentic in turbulent times

I got a strange sense of disconnect when I read through a recent Wall Street Journal. Some articles sounded the alarm of Iceland’s melting debt, GM laying off thousands, commodity values dropping like a ton of lead. I read of … Continue reading

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Why we all could use a good time out

Remember as a little kid when you got placed in the corner for a timeout? This surprisingly effective maneuver on the part of the parents gives a tantrum-throwing youngster the chance to stop what they are doing and slow down … Continue reading

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Honoring the experience of loss

How we squander our hours of pain. How we gaze beyond them into the bitter duration to see if they have an end. Though they are really seasons of us, our winter-enduring foliage, ponds, meadows, our inborn landscape, where birds … Continue reading

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What makes genius?

Gravity cannot be held responsible for people falling in love. — Albert Einstein One of my favorite geniuses is Albert Einstein. Not because he was so smart, but because he had a sense of humor, a sense of spirituality and wonder, … Continue reading

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84 Charing Cross Road: A video review

Sometimes a movie doesn’t cost $100 million to produce. I often go to the Indies when I want something that has meaning and value. And what makes a movie worth watching? A good movie for me must have three criteria: it makes … Continue reading

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