List of 100 things I’d miss on Mars

cat stretching sleepingWhat if you woke up one day and you weren’t you.  That you’d been abducted by aliens and taken to some far off spot…say Mars.

What would you miss most? 

It was easy to make the list.  Harder to figure out what to leave out. 

At the end of the list, I’ll share what I learned from doing this. 

In no particular order, here they are. 

1. Sunlight on a mountain top

2. Cats napping

3. Discovering something brand new

4. A hug from the children in my life

5. Emotional intimacy

6. Physical intimacy 

7. Light in my neighbor’s window at night

8. Fresh coffee brewing in the morning

9. Coffee with my friends

10. Coffee when it’s raining

11. Memories of coffee

12. Tea ritual

13. Bringing a bowl of tea to a friend

14. Cicadas in the summer woods

15. A fox in my backyard

16. Seeing Orion—and the Swan—the Big Dipper

17. Colors—millions and millions of colors

18. A good Blog

19. A clean house

20. Watching my cats play

21. Reading a really good book

22. Driving on a road with lots of curves

23. Snow falling

24. Memories—all kinds of memories

sycamores winter trees25. Walking

26. Hiking with friends

27. Listening to music on headphones

28. Reading a good Blog

29. Fun places: coffee shop, airport, zoo

30. Watching kids at McDs playground

31. Reflections in water

32. Sunlight on old wood

33. Tree bark

34. Flowers: roses, lilacs, iris

35. Walking in my front door

36. Sitting on my back porch

37. The dawn shift from dark to light

38. Taking a picture that surprises me

39. Moon shadows on a bright night

double rainbows40. Rainbows—double rainbows

41. Smell of gingerbread baking

42. Fresh squeezed orange juice

43. Feeling contentment

44. Feeling joy

45. Scratching my cat under his chin

46. Coming home after a trip

47. Sunsets—rose, gold, silver, pink

48. Clouds

49. Rain

50. Touching good fabric

51. Hugs

52. Long talks with my family

53. A new box of crayons

54. A blank journal

55. Kittens

56. Puppies

closeup strawberries57. Organic strawberries

58. Visiting an art museum

59. Walking through a Frank Lloyd Wright home

60. Going really fast in a convertible

61. The interior of an old church

62. A schoolroom during summer break

63. Hills—mountains

64. People who are passionate

65. People who are engaged with life

66. Good singing voices

67. Good speaking voices

68. Serendipities

69. Sun on my cheeks

70. Warm cherry pie a la mode

71. Fine gelato

72. A baby’s laugh

73. A shy teen’s smile

74. Doing something I didn’t think I could

sunset surf beach walkers75. Listening to the surf at night

76. Roller coasters

77. Lightning bugs

78. Sunday mornings with nothing to do

79. Window shopping at CostCo

80. Dangling my feet in a cold running creek

81. A new stack of books to read

82. Making eye contact with a stranger

83. That brief moment when everything is done

84. Christmas lights and Christmas carols

85. Fireworks

86. Picnics

87. The first sip of a vintage bordeaux

88. Being with the ones I love

89. Sunlight breaking under purple clouds

creek rocks90. Footbridges

91. Paths to nowhere

92. Opening my door to a friend

93. Herbs from my garden

94. Watercolor washes

95. Mud between my toes

96. The gold aspen light of fall

97. Dancing

98. Stone shadows

99. Going to sleep at peace

100. Waking up ready to go

That’s the list.  What did I discover?  That the very act of recalling these memories made me feel good.  Something to remember when I get down and out on a bad day.

What might your list include?


About Author, Pegasus Quincy Mystery Series

I write a mystery series about a young rookie deputy on her first assignment in the Verde Valley of Arizona.
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