84 Charing Cross Road: A video review

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Sometimes a movie doesn’t cost $100 million to produce. I often go to the Indies when I want something that has meaning and value. And what makes a movie worth watching? A good movie for me must have three criteria: it makes me laugh, it makes me cry, and it makes me think.

A quiet little film called 84 Charing Cross Road starring Anthony Hopkins and Anne Bancroft does all three. Others have discovered it as well. As I read the slip jacket I note that it has subtitles in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean AND Thai!

This is a film with depth, about a long distance relationship between two intelligent people who love to read. One is a literary critic and screen writer in New York City, and the other is an antiquarian bookstore employee in post-World War II Britain.

They trade literary quips and quote Donne to each other in the letters they write over the decades, but somehow they never manage to meet. 

The film has no violence, no special effects, just people getting to know each other on a deep, meaningful level. This film set in a time long ago and far away, still has currency in today’s world. That’s what being a classic is all about.

It gave me pause to look at my own relationships. To realize that perhaps relationships can’t always be defined by face-to-face contact. 

In the Blogging community, I have found good friends and supporters, many of whom I may never meet in person. 

And that is OK. Because we still share the essence of what makes people who they are, the common bond of humanity.




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