A little reorganization is a good thing

I’ve been blogging for three months now and have almost 80 posts under my belt.  That’s a good thing.

It seems like a good time to stop and reflect on what I’ve written and where I want to go. Also a good thing.

I have struggled with my generalist tendencies in the niche-market world, but I finally came to the conclusion that I really DO have a topic, albeit, a very overarching one. 

My blog topic is this:  I have been actively exploring  and examining the following five relationships and connections with this thing we call life:

SELF:  Our relations with fear, closure, depression, joy, inspiration, hope, spirituality, death, and self-psychology.

OTHER PEOPLE: Relationships and connections with friends, lovers, family, art, charitable giving.

EARTH: Interconnections with the Earth through simplicity, green living, frugality, animals, and the environment. 

THE BUSINESS OF LIVING (LIFEBIZ): Connections to life through healthy living, stress management, fitness, diet, organization, and lifehacks.

WORDS: Finally, connections found through the words we use in blogging, journaling, writing techniques, quotations, book and video reviews, and Internet resources.

I have reorganized the Blog posts so that you’ll find these five topics as general categories across the top of each page. The Blog may feel a bit disjointed and I thank you for your patience while I get my new sea legs under me.

It is my plan to write at least one post per category on a weekly basis.

Now, if I could only figure out how to set up a specific RSS feed for each of the five?  If you know a good way, please let me know!

Thanks for reading. Without your encouragement and support, all of this would not have happened.


About Author, Pegasus Quincy Mystery Series

I write a mystery series about a young rookie deputy on her first assignment in the Verde Valley of Arizona.
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