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Voluntary simplicity in a 272 channel television world

Photo: Wikimedia Creative Commons Sometimes ideas arrive in your life at exactly the time you need them. Tonight I was reading Voluntary Simplicity: Toward a Way of Life That Is Outwardly Simple, Inwardly Rich by Duane Elgin. He describes how the … Continue reading

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Share and share alike

At first I thought it was a bird.  Just a shadowy movement beneath the fall-dying sage, a shape that darted forward cautiously, then back behind a rock.  But I knew it wasn’t a bird.  Birds don’t move backward.  The binoculars … Continue reading

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City Mouse, Country Mouse

When I lived in the city, the ‘something new’ that I noticed going to work was always HUGE—an immense hole in the ground for a new skyscraper, cornrows of ‘dozers for the freeway construction, square acres of asphalt for a … Continue reading

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Life saving items for your backpack

I went hiking today with friends. It started out beautiful and sunny, but by late afternoon it had turned cold and windy, with rain on the way. Thanks to a lady Park Ranger I talked to many years ago, I … Continue reading

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Being authentic in turbulent times

I got a strange sense of disconnect when I read through a recent Wall Street Journal. Some articles sounded the alarm of Iceland’s melting debt, GM laying off thousands, commodity values dropping like a ton of lead. I read of … Continue reading

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Why we live in the house that Jack built

I am doing research on a series about insomnia that I’ll be posting later in the week.  One of the concepts came across loud and clear in my reading. You can create the most inviting sleeping conditions possible–dark room, good … Continue reading

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What is 400 feet tall and goes whoosh?

 When I was a little girl, I used to visit my grandfather’s farm each  summer.  I would lie back in the tall grass, watching the stock tank windmill spin above me. The steady tick-tick-tick of the revolving blades sent me a message … Continue reading

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