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The Plan of Action: Taking Stock

This blog will be about change.  I’m 69.  That’s old.  But I don’t feel old. And I want a ‘cliff’ ending. None of this languishing about in a nursing home, for years and years.Whether I live to be 70 or 103, I … Continue reading

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How to cultivate healthy habits and keep them working for you

If you are like me, you know exactly what you need to do to create a more healthy lifestyle.  Lose the weight. Eat better. Exercise more. Simplify. But saying is easier than doing.  Here are a few suggestions for cultivating … Continue reading

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Tips & Strategies for dieting in the public eye

Dieting would be a simpler thing if we could live in a hermit cave with only (skinny) spiders for company. But living in the real world means real world obstacles of office birthday parties, potluck dinners, fast food, fast friends, and … Continue reading

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How to create a sticky health club membership

Bad health club memberships are like absentee landlords who own the lot but never come visit. In contrast, good health club memberships are those you buy, stay with, and visit often. They are very sticky. And the way to choose … Continue reading

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