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Our uneasy relationship with fear

A loud, jarring noise woke me. I couldn’t fit it into a known category, and the hair on the back of my neck start to rise. Was it a burglar in the night? Was my life in danger? My heart … Continue reading

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Christmas procrastination

Christmas decorations have been up this year since before Halloween.  I feel sorry for the retailers.  After all, we are all in this together.  But I also find a strong resistance inside to start on the holidays just yet. As … Continue reading

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The true cost of reducing holiday stress

It’s almost Halloween, but I started hearing Christmas carols over a month ago.  Retailers are worried in this economic environment and rightly so.  We probably won’t be spending as much on pearls and minks this year. Sigh. But it got … Continue reading

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Feel like a lab rat when you travel?

Photo by J.S. Chroe Imagine volunteering for an psychology experiment. You walk into a small room and are strapped into a seat measuring 17″ across (that’s five inches more than a foot) with a meager 31″ between you and the … Continue reading

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A quick two-minute fix for anxiety and stress

 Want to know the quick two-minute fix for depression, anxiety, and stress? Just breathe. It sounds way too simple, doesn’t it. We do this every day, every minute, and yet do we?  Often under stress we’ll hold our breath. Under excitement we are, to use … Continue reading

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