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Thankful for Gifts Differing

I believe that we all have different gifts, some that we use, some latent, that we could use, if we only believed in their existence. And all such gifts have both positive and negative elements to them. Take perfect pitch, … Continue reading

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The Holy Ones

It is Sunday, and although I will not be going to church today, I got to thinking about things sacred and unseen. I’ve been wondering about what happens to the truly holy man (or woman) is our culture. By “our”, I … Continue reading

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A Shared History

The World Trade Towers– Columbine– The Challenger Explosion– John F. Kennedy assassination. Tragedies that knit us together as a people. If you lived through any of these, you have a shared history with others that did as well. At my … Continue reading

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What makes genius?

Gravity cannot be held responsible for people falling in love. — Albert Einstein One of my favorite geniuses is Albert Einstein. Not because he was so smart, but because he had a sense of humor, a sense of spirituality and wonder, … Continue reading

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The hardest relationship

You know, sometimes I think that friendships are harder to maintain than other relationships. Blood relations are a given. You may not like your uncle or your siblings or your mom or dad. At least some of the time. But they are kin. You … Continue reading

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Learning to fall, all over again

I fell yesterday.  It was one of those times when I didn’t watch where I was going. (In my defense, I was moving a hummingbird feeder invaded by bees and was somewhat distracted.)  One minute I was upright and focused, then … Continue reading

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What on earth is creative about installation art?

When I go into an art gallery filled with the masters, be they Rembrandt or Robert Bateman, my first reaction is “Wow! How did they do that?” My second reaction is: “I could never do anything that good in a million years.” When … Continue reading

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