A clearing after the storm

Log Jam

I can’t attribute it to any one thing, but perhaps a combination of circumstances.

Less fast food after the crowd departed.

Checking out Andrew Weill’s personalized vitamins.

Substituting ice tea for diet coke. (Yes, I did find the tea maker).

Some meditation, some exercise.

Moments of sun are starting to break through, and that is very, very nice.

Chinese calligraphy, here I come!

What puzzles me is the inner motivation.  Why now? Why in this way? Why all of a sudden does the fierce resistance to change inside start to modulate, like a log jam breaking apart and letting the wood float downstream?

I don’t know, but I do know the forward movement feels good after so many months of being stuck in the slow, non-moving traffic lane.

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Why perfection is never easy

Thinking about circuit phenomena...

I wanted to bring ice tea to work to counteract the Diet Coke cravings.  Couldn’t find the pitcher to make some.

I wanted to meditate to calm my mind for work.  My brain was so frazzled from above that I only got in 9 minutes and 34 seconds before I hollered “Basta.” And quit for the morning.

I had a list of great ‘to do’ things that really, really needed to be done.  I took a nap instead. When I woke up, it was too late to reach needed East Coast offices.

On the other hand:

The confusion I was feeling helped someone else clarify their own storm clouds.

The refrigerator still held chilled water that kept the Demon DC at bay.

I cleaned the fish tank, trimmed the plants and gave them a fishy water drink.

I remembered to print forms just-in-time, but who’s counting.

I added another 5+ minutes of meditation at the end of the day, making an almost 15 total.

Maybe it’s OK to be a little imperfect.

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